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Estes Masterbath

Ben Estes contacted me originally with a request that I work with them on a roofing project. They had already contracted with DuraFoam but there were a number of issues with electrical, skylights, etc and they wanted a Genl. Contractor to organize/supervise and keep things moving smoothly. As it turned out the application for a permit to run new plumbing and electrical over the roof prior to the new roof going down popped up a problem with San Mateo County Building and Planning. There were several projects undertaken by the prior owners without benefit of Permit or inspections. This was literally a can of worms.

We were allowed to get on with the roof project as it was under a separate Permit and had already been commenced. We sheathed the entire roof with ½” CDX shearply to create a full shear membrane tying the house together. Then we ran all new copper lines over the roof for the domestic water supply and to supply hot water from the Radiant system to the previously installed radiant radiators up at the wall/roof intersection. These were then boxed and insulated prior to roofing.

We also ran quite a bit of new electrical lines although not having the walls stripped inside we were not able to completely redo the electrical. We ran gas lines to the pool equipment shed and out to the site for the new BBQ.

Once all of that was completed and the new roof on we worked on several of the other un- permitted issues. One of which was the enlargement and remodeling of the masterbath. It was badly done and, no surprise since there were no plans or inspections, the plumbing was not to code. We demo’d the entire masterbath and closet and redesigned it and then built it. The photos here are all from the masterbath. We will be adding some further photos shortly of the fences and landscaping.

We also built two large fences of Ipe for the pool yard and against the Brandywine street face. They were wonderful clients to work with and we hope to be going back at some time to do more to the house.