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1149 Tangerine Way

This home is the only one which was not on the Highlands Home Tour. It is in Sunnyvale. It has an interesting history. Richard and Carrie met me at the 40 French Creek house during the 2014 Home Tour. We spoke at length about doing some work on their home in Sunnyvale. It developed into a nearly complete remodel.

They had an atrium which they used extensively but which had issues due to solar gain and rain. They wanted the space more completely integrated into the house. So we proposed the addition of a roof, removal of some of the walls and the creation of a space which became the heart of the home. I cannot take credit for the idea of doing a butterfly roof. I think it was Carrie who first suggested it. However once it was suggested I had a great time developing it. I used the frameless corner glass system which they had seen and admired at the 40 French Creek house and the steel moment frame system to create the sense of a roof which was really floating over the space.

The master bedroom and bath were enlarged and the finishes polished up. Glass block shower with sparkly red glass tile. I will claim the credit for the use of the three primary colors. I have the blue, (which we call “Norma Blue” in honor of Norma’s house at 2260 Allegheny where we first custom mixed it.) and then I used yellow on the hallway wall facing the atrium. Only the red was a bit of a hard sell. I finally promised Carrie that if after a year of living with it she didn’t like it I would repaint the wall white for her.

Wonderful people and a joy to work with. Still friends.

I was approached by the MA+DS group to have the house on their Silicon Valley Modernism Tour 2018. Since I knew that it would never be on the Highlands Home Tour I accepted. I staged it myself making it a combination of the Museum of Modern Chairs and a showroom of my tables.